My father' family
My Uncle Elie
Uncle Elie, Auntie Sadia Grand
grand mother  Farida, grand
mother Bahidgai  and Auntie Loulou
Grand mother, Grand father,
and his sister Sadia .
Auntie Loulou
Grand father, Uncle Elie carrying Jean,
auntie Laurice infront of him, auntie Violette
infront .
Grand mother beside grand father, uncle
Henri on the right infront of uncle Pierre
and uncle Victor.
Grand mother carry auntie sadia and beside
her, her daughter who also carry her baby.
Grand father Georges
Auntie Loulou et Marcelle the
sister of her husband  René.
Grand father on the right, and
grand mother who carry uncle
Jean. Grand mother is
pregnant of my father!
Uncle Ouanes Boggosian, grand
father, uncle Elie and grand mother
Auntie Marie the sister of
grand father
Auntie Sadia, Grand mother and  
Auntie Marie
from left to right, Uncle henri,
a trompetist and uncle Elie.
Aunti Marie, grand mother, grand
father (when he was a banker),
auntie Sadia and Ouanes her
My father with my two brothers